The Secret Life of Babies

Image courtesy of ITV

Image courtesy of ITV

“Being cute is a babies most powerful means of survival…”

I have just been sat watching ‘The Secret Life of Babies’ whilst ordering my online food shop 🙂 if you are interested in chid development and reactions it is definitely worth a watch and can be found on ITV player.

Whilst watching the programme I found myself fascinated by some of the facts..

  • Babies have no knee caps? Maybe this is why Isabella doesn’t cry when I expect her too if she has fallen over
  • They can identify all the sounds of the worlds languages and are born to learn what ever language we choose, also understanding three times as many words as they can say
  • Babies are instinctively scared of plants? Scientists believe this is to stop them from poisoning themselves, but have no idea how dangerous heights can be!
  • Babies can’t produce tears when there upset

The programme shows how the first two years of our lives are the most critical; we grow more, learn more, move more and even fight more than any other time in our life. If these facts interest you then the programme would keep you interested for the duration giving you an insight into the fascinating mind of a baby which scientists are only just working out.

Hope you enjoy