When to drop your morning nap?

I haven’t written a blog post for a couple of days as life has just been hectic,  last night I made my husband sit down and go through our calendar as we have so much going on the next couple of months including the arrival of a new baby. To my horror we have one free weekend at home before 10th July (my due date) and it feels like we have done nothing to prepare for our new arrival. I think nesting is starting to kick in so I’m sure it will all get done as I’m writing list after list 🙂

In between writing the lists and panicking we decided to make some changes to Isabella’s routine as getting her down for her morning nap was either getting harder or she wouldn’t need to nap until later so I started to trial dropping her morning nap.. All the books seem to say that this usually happens around 18 months so were only doing it a couple of months early.


Whether this was the right decision I was undecided as without her nap she was grumpy (this usually lasts about an hour but if you give her your attention for this period its manageable) and with both naps she was never ready to go to bed at 19:00.

Instead of her old routine: Nap: 09:00 Lunch: 12:00 Nap: 13:00

We are now just giving her lunch at 12 and then she goes down straight away for her afternoon nap. As a result she seems to be sleeping better at night and there is no stress in trying to get her down for her afternoon nap as she’s knackered by then.

As with everything in parenting and children’s routine a lot of it is trial and error but this seems to be working for her 🙂 they seem to grow up so fast and things that wouldn’t seem like a big deal before you had a child now are. Isabella now sleeps with a normal duvet instead of a Grobag and to my husband and I this seems like a massive mile stone and we were actually excited about it. Something I would have never grasped before having Isabella 🙂

Hope you all had amazing bank holiday weekends
Sophie X


Growing up so fast and tough night..

ImageI had a great day with Isabella today, her cheeky little personality is really starting to shine through and makes me laugh all day long. She is gradually becoming more independent and definitely can’t be described as a baby but a toddler. James (my husband) is away working for two weeks in the south of France so things have been tough with pregnancy/hip pain and balancing the cleaning, washing and a toddler. On the plus side I am feeling more energetic as I have been listening to hypno-birthing music before bed and getting early nights rather than sitting up watching TV and talking to James.

How women cope with two under two I am yet to work out but I will soon find out only 10 weeks left until my due date 🙂

Tonight was tough, I made the decision to finally make the transition from bottle to beaker at bed time and she drank the same amount of milk happily but was wide-awake and not ready to sleep. With determination I kept getting her to lie down trying to show her I was calm and could do it all night although inside I was irritated! An hour later she was finally asleep and since falling asleep (i’m going to jinx this) she seems pretty settled and has not woken up since going to bed so fingers crossed it will just take a couple of nights for her to get used to the new routine. It always seems that you get settled in a routine and then its time to tackle something new and start again, hopefully second time round it will be easier knowing what works and doesn’t as there is so much conflicting advice.


Fussy Eater

Recently I have been concerned about Isabella going from eating anything to becoming fussy.. I had all the excuses under the sun, teething, illness etc but in reality she had probably just formed an opinion.


Tonight I find myself wanting to dance around the house with excitement as we had a BBQ and for dinner she ate lamb and rosemary sausages, celery, cucumber and potato wedges followed by a fruit salad… She loved it all so much she was practically begging for more 🙂


I have learnt a lot from my experiences; Isabella rejecting food, getting stressed, worried about the amount she is consuming and not wanting her to eat pasta and fish fingers day in day out. Some key things I will try to remember second time around for bump will be:

– don’t get stressed if she won’t eat or is throwing it on the floor, I believe they can pick up on this and it makes it worse

– if she rejects something that doesn’t mean she won’t eat it tomorrow try not to always just give her the fail safe favourites

– keep meal times fun and exciting

– try to keep food colourful and interesting

– Annabel Karmel has excellent recipes, meal planners and advice

– don’t compare your child to others they are all so different

I am so pleased with have finally turned a corner and Isabella seems to be enjoying a huge variety of food including curly kale!! This hasn’t come without stress, perseverance and trial and error.

If you’re looking for some exciting toddler recipes a few great sites are:

Annabel Karmel
Ella’s Kitchen
Wholesome Toddler Food

Keep calm and keep trying 🙂


Sickness in a 1 year old…

stethoscope_jpg_524bb496e0It is starting to feel like our poor little Isabella just turned 13 months is going from one illness or virus to another…

Some say its time of year …. Some say its their age

Since November she has been to the doctors every week and been diagnosed with reoccurring ear infections which she has needed antibiotics for each time, impetigo on her cheek, urticaria, croup, strep and scarlatina. I am starting to wonder if this is normal? The doctors don’t seem worried and say it’s just her age but she is still poorly this time with what has been diagnosed as a rash as a result of having a virus and will go away with time.

It’s so horrid watching your little ones so poorly and not really knowing what is wrong. It is difficult from both sides as a doctor the child can’t talk, wont cooperate whilst having throat checked etc and certainly can’t explain symptoms, so they believe its trial and error. From a parents point of view you want the doctor to tell you what is wrong and help with a cure to make them better, which feels like we never really get to.

Fingers crossed its her age and time of year as she is starting to perk up to her old self again..? This does certainly seem to be the case looking at other parents posts that all seem to be in the same boat. I hoping for a little more than a couple of hours sleep a night now she is on the mend.

My next post will be more positive I promise 🙂

Ikea Borja Training Beaker


The Borja Training Beaker seems to be the only beaker that my daughter would take milk from other than a bottle see my Beaker Revolution post so in my eyes it’s a life saver.

This simple beaker costs only £1.50 but does exactly what it needs to and seems to perfectly fit Isabella’s mouth (13 months old)

The Borja has two large handles making it easy for a toddler to hold and control the beaker. The lid just presses on tightly and prevents all spills but with a free flowing spout and no lid it isn’t really possible to take out without leaking. Finally there is a clear transparent window on the side of the beaker to see how much is left.

Care instructions
Microwave-safe; heat food up to 100°C.
Dishwasher-safe up to 70°C.

Product Material
Polypropylene plastic

Isabella absolutely loves the beaker and without this we would not have made the transition from her having her milk in a bottle to a beaker. The only downside is that it is not possible to take out with you for the day as it’s a free flowing spout with no lid and would leak. As she only has milk morning and evening this has not posed a problem as of yet we just take another beaker with water in out with us during the day. For £1.50 I think it is exceptional value and score this product 8/10 only making down as it’s not transportable.

Beaker Revolution…

As part of being a mum … You finally get used to your child’s routine and it’s time to start weaning, potty training or something else. Since Isabella turned one it has been in the back of my mind that I need to change her from a bottle to a beaker.

We have tried several beakers including:



Tommee Tippee:

Finally whist shopping in Ikea for new furniture for the nursery I saw this Borja Training beaker at £1.50, I added to the trolley and thought that it would go in the cupboard and add to the collection of unused beakers. The following morning I topped it up with Isabella’s milk and she loved it! No tears just a smiling face and an empty beaker 🙂

We have now managed to make the full transition from bottle to beaker and Isabella is also drinking more water from this beaker.

It just goes to show that it’s trial and error with toddlers and eventually you will find the right one to suit your child.. If your looking for a new beaker to trial I would definitely recommend Ikea’s Borja Training Beaker.