Is it pain or a tantrum?

This morning has already been hectic for me!! Isabella screeched and cried uncontrollably for an hour… I was left tearing my hair out and wondering if it was something serious, stomach pain or just a tantrum?

Photo on 02-05-2014 at 08.58

This is what it left me like this morning 🙂

After half an hour or so I felt I had tried everything and started to really worry, so I phoned my nan as my mum and husband are both away working. She thought it sounded like a pain cry and said she would get dressed and come over. That would have been like another 40 minutes of crying ekkkkk.

After another 15 minutes of crying, I started to cry with fear or maybe pregnancy hormones so decided that daddies voice down the phone might work. His voice instantly caught her attention and she seemed to be calming down.. I started to relax and put on some CBeebies for distraction – finally she stopped.

I was left wondering what that was all about and had never experienced anything like that with her before! Five minutes later she had been to the toilet and had passed some wind so I’m putting it down to stomach ache but who really knows.

From this mornings experience my tips for dealing with screaming/crying for a prolonged period are:

– try to stay calm (easier said than done), but the child definitely picks up on your stresses

– try distractions such as walking outside; putting the television on or dancing

– a new person always seems to work even if it’s on the phone

Anyway she is happy now running around and we are going to do some gardening in a minute or more like making mud pies 🙂

Happy Friday