When to drop your morning nap?

I haven’t written a blog post for a couple of days as life has just been hectic,  last night I made my husband sit down and go through our calendar as we have so much going on the next couple of months including the arrival of a new baby. To my horror we have one free weekend at home before 10th July (my due date) and it feels like we have done nothing to prepare for our new arrival. I think nesting is starting to kick in so I’m sure it will all get done as I’m writing list after list 🙂

In between writing the lists and panicking we decided to make some changes to Isabella’s routine as getting her down for her morning nap was either getting harder or she wouldn’t need to nap until later so I started to trial dropping her morning nap.. All the books seem to say that this usually happens around 18 months so were only doing it a couple of months early.


Whether this was the right decision I was undecided as without her nap she was grumpy (this usually lasts about an hour but if you give her your attention for this period its manageable) and with both naps she was never ready to go to bed at 19:00.

Instead of her old routine: Nap: 09:00 Lunch: 12:00 Nap: 13:00

We are now just giving her lunch at 12 and then she goes down straight away for her afternoon nap. As a result she seems to be sleeping better at night and there is no stress in trying to get her down for her afternoon nap as she’s knackered by then.

As with everything in parenting and children’s routine a lot of it is trial and error but this seems to be working for her 🙂 they seem to grow up so fast and things that wouldn’t seem like a big deal before you had a child now are. Isabella now sleeps with a normal duvet instead of a Grobag and to my husband and I this seems like a massive mile stone and we were actually excited about it. Something I would have never grasped before having Isabella 🙂

Hope you all had amazing bank holiday weekends
Sophie X


Top ten baby products I couldn’t live without

As I now only have nine weeks left until our little bump is due to enter the world I have finally started to think about what we need to prepare for her arrival. How different it is second time round!! By this time in my pregnancy with Isabella the nursery was complete, wardrobe full and hospital bag packed 🙂

Whilst planning what I need to prepare I sat and had a thought about the 10 things I found most useful and here they are:

1. Amby Baby Hammock


Instead of a Moses basket Isabella slept in this and I was an absolute god send for me. Even after night feeds she was so easy to settle and if she moved it would rock her back to sleep, I will definitely be using this again with baby number 2.




2. Puckababy Piep


Isabella kept hitting herself in the face or startling whilst sleeping and I found this amazing the first night I used it she went from waking every three hours to going 5 1/2 hours a miriacle when you are sleep deprived. She continued to use the next size up until she was over a year old.




3. Baby Carrier
There are hundreds of different types and brands and I think  it is really down to personal preference and comfort for you and baby. There are loads of sling library’s across the UK where you can go and get advice and trial all the different styles as well as hire them before you spend out money buying one. I would really recommend this as I found my sling to be an absolute lifeline allowing me to keep on top of house work, prepare dinner and just have my hands free. If Isabella was crying or clingy I would also put this on and walk around the house and it would settle her.

4. Motorola MBP30 Digital Video Baby Monitor

ImageWith loads of great functions this baby monitor gave me absolute piece of mind with Isabella, you also had the ability to play music or talk back through the monitor. The picture was really clear and had great night vision. We have recently just swopped this for a newer model of the Motorola Monitor with two cameras so we can keep a watch on both children.

5. Rocking chair

I was given my grandma’s old rocking chair so I still have this to use but for those night feeds, settling baby or just a nice comfy place to feed and comfort baby I found my rocking chair the most relaxing place to go.

6. Bouncy chair

ImageIf you want to be able to have dinner in piece or grab a quick shower I would recommend purchasing a bouncy chair, a safe place to put your newborn that they seem to relax and enjoy themselves in. There are several models and they all vary in price but I would definateley say make sure it vibrates and plays music.


7. Brother Max 3-in-1 Digital Thermometer


ImageA newborn is so precious and temperature is so vital that I found the Brother Max thermometer a real necessity and also not only used it to test her temperature or check if she had a fever but to control the nursery temperature and decided what she should wear to bed.



8. Breastfeeding Pillow
ImageAt the beginning breastfeeding can be tough and if anything makes it easier or more relaxing then it is a necessity in my eyes.


9. Sophie la Giraffe
ImageWhen your baby is teething and grizzly you will do anything to make them happier, for some reason this giraffe works miracles for teething pain. I purchased so many different types and styles of teething toys including the frozen ones and necklaces but Sophie was the preference by far.



10. Fisherprice Jumperoo

ImageThis is for when your child is 6 months + but as soon as Isabella was old enough it gave her a sense of new found freedom and she loved it! This by far was the most useful toy she has ever had and she never seemed to get bored of it.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my ‘top 10 baby must haves’ if any of you reading this have any good tips or recommendations I would love to hear from you!