After some inspiration I’m back… Starting with ‘the birth’

After giving birth to Maya now 6 months… I haven’t posted once and had decided with my new sleep deprived life I didn’t have the time to carry on. Since giving up I have received several requests to carry on with the blog and this has given me the inspiration to carry on writing! (Watch this space for the new reviews)

Rather than just miss out on the first six months of Maya’s life I thought I would start at the beginning THE BIRTH!

LUnknownike most pregnant women I was filled with hope that I was going to have a pain free, tranquil water birth with no complications even though I had experienced a rather traumatic one first time round with Isabella. To help me this time round I did all that I could including Pregnancy massage with Sue Nicolson in Winchester and Yoga for Pregnancy with Marion Symes.

imagesYou may have read in a previous post that already my pregnancy wasn’t as straight forward as I had liked as my waters were leaking but with monitoring each day I managed to make it to full term and go into labour naturally. My waters broke and I was dancing round the house with excitement that I had gone into labour naturally and wasn’t going to have to be induced. Pacing the house to try and get my contractions stronger 24 hours later nothing was happening so the hospital requested that I went in for a quick trace.

When I arrived at the Day Assessment unit they decided that Maya’s heart rate was dipping and I needed to be induced so was moved to labour ward. I wasn’t prepared for this as I didn’t want to go down the same route as Isabella on the hormone drip and I started to panic. I felt as if this instantly meant my labour was going to be horrific and I would need an epidural. James (my husband) was brilliant and reminded me of all that I had learnt in yoga and forced me to get up off the bed.

After an assessment I was told that it would be at least another 6 hours even with the hormone drip as I was only 3cms. I was devastated and as Maya’s heart rate was playing up I was sure it was all about to go wrong so started asking for a c-section as I was too tired.

A shift changed happened whist I was having this melt down a brilliant new midwife arrived. She walked in and said ‘when you got pregnant you knew labour was going to be tiring and hard work so get on with it, this was only the start of tiredness’. I was so shocked this kicked me into shape and I got up and sat on the gym ball focusing on my contractions.

Every contraction determined that I wasn’t going to have pain relief this early as I still had a long way to go I was focusing on my golden thread breathing (an incredible technique that you can learn with Marion Symes). I felt calm, composed and not in pain then all of a sudden I started to panic and say I needed pain relief the current midwife called someone into the room and she told me I was in transition and to get up off the ball as I was having my baby. Eleven minutes later Maya arrived with absolutely no pain relief, this was only an hour and half after my assessment. I was in total shock as I had no idea I was that close to giving birth!


Still to this day I can’t believe I managed to get as close to the birth I planned as possible, this felt so far away when I was being hooked up to the hormone drip. I learnt a lot from this labour and really feel your mindset and focus can help you through a labour, without going to Marion’s yoga lessons I believe that I wouldn’t have learnt how to manage my pain through breathing and truely recommend her to anyone. Before this labour I believed it was impossible to have a pain free birth with the hormone drip but this isn’t true, if you can keep active, calm and focus on your breathing you’ll be surprised how this can help your labour progress and I can honestly say my contractions were pain free whilst focusing on my breathing.

For all those pregnant ladies out there keep calm and remember to breath.

Maya is now six months old and in this time we have faced many challenges that I will be writing about including sleep deprivation, allergies, bedroom sharing and the start of weaning. Over the next few weeks I will be writing as much as possible sharing the trials and tribulations of the Tapp household 🙂

Sophie x


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