Tommys Sensathon


Tommy’s and Toddler Sense are joining forces to hold a fun cowboy/cowgirl-themed sensathon to fundraise and Isabella and I will be taking part.

By taking part we are helping other parents and their babies to have the best start in life. We’re hoping to raise some money towards the £100,000 target for a Tommy’s medical research project and we need everyone’s help.

In the UK, one in four women will lose a baby as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Tommy’s believes this level of heartache is unacceptable.

Through investment in medical research Tommys want to make things better. They have more than 100 doctors and midwives working together to improve pregnancy outcome for mother and baby. Their research centres have fostered an ambitious spirit of collaboration meaning Tommy’s research network is now one of the biggest in Europe and a major force worldwide.

To find out more about Tommy’s lifesaving research click here.

The sponsorship raised will be invested to open a new research centre dedicated to preventing miscarriage which affects 1 in 4 parents – please help us to reach that goal and make a big difference to many lives.

Hope you can help

Sophie and Isabella



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