Bugaboo Donkey – Mono Review

This pram has become my true love and I cannot wait to trial it in duo mode when the new arrival is here 🙂

My first pram was the Joolz Day which I absolutely loved but have to say the Bugaboo Donkey has won me over more than that. With my hectic lifestyle we needed a pram that would go on all terrain including the beach, fit in a BMW 1 Series and I also wanted it to look nice, whilst looking for a new pram we also decided that we were going to start trying for another baby so it would make sense to get a pram that would convert to a double. After lots of research and reading other peoples reviews I decided to go with the Donkey.

Look and Style
As with all Bugaboo prams even with a first glance you cant help but notice the style, quality and ability to personalise, with several colour choices, handle bar covers and accessories you really can make this pram your own.The fabrics and frame are to an excellent standard feeling strong and sturdy to push.

Although the pram looks big in mono mode it is actually no wider than the Chameleon and in duo mode will still fit through most standard doors. The frame when folded fits easily into the boot of my BMW 1 series with the seat and basket.
The pram is so easy to push and there is no need to even use two hands, the steering and control is so light. This pram manoeuvres effortlessly and has swivel wheels that also have air tyres.The tyres also lock in the forward or backward position for rough terrain which this pram really excels in including the beach! The locking process is also handy for rocking you little one off to sleep 🙂 if you are struggling on the sand there is another useful mode which is two wheel mode converting the pram into something similar to a saktruck to drag across the beach.

ImageTo remove the seat from the frame the buttons are memory so when you press they stay released which is brilliant allowing you to do one handed. The folding of the pram is also easy but does require two hands, or if the grandparents are using a decent instruction as my mum borrowed to take my daughter out and ended up with the pram stuck up and had to drive home with the roof down and the pram still up!

Colour packs/Hoods
The hood on the Bugaboo Donkey is great giving you several positions with one option to completely cover your child’s face. The hood is shower proof and also great at protecting from the sun. There are tons of funky colours to choose from for the colour packs even a special edition Andy Warhole design. I get bored of colours or prams easily and this is a great option to change your pram slightly making it feel new.

The handlebar is easy to move up and down with loads of settings easily allowing a 6ft man push or even as low as a child. The handle bar also has a safety wrist strap attached so you ban be sure the pram won’t run away when going down a hill. I can imaging this is especially vital when in duo mode.

My daughter (13 months) absolutely loves this pram and seems really comfortable in it, she is happy to sit in it to sleep, eat, and just admire the world which in her stroller she doesn’t seem happy to do any of these especially sleep. I have also used the pram for a 3 year old and there was plenty of space in the seat for him without any issues, which isn’t the case with many other prams. There are several recline options from completely flat to upright which allows you to recline the seat as and when needed as well as giving your child the option to see everything whilst out and about.

Large Basket & Side Basket
As I love shopping the side basket really appealed to me allowing me to happily shop and load the pram with bags without the risk of it tipping up!
It comes with two baskets a side storage basket which can only be used in Mono mode, and there is also a large basket under the seat. The mesh under seat basket is of a large size fitting approx 4 shopping bags with no issues and the side basket can fit approx 2 bags of shopping.

Overall this pram is amazing, I usually get bored quickly with prams and have had several but this time I am happy and can’t wait to convert it to a duo when baby number two arrives (I will post a duo review once she has). I have not had any issues fitting in shops or doorways and love the basket on the side to make shopping that little bit easier. Isabella seems really happy in the pram and it is so easy to push on all terrains. I would give the Bugaboo Donkey in Mono mode a score of 9/10 and for what you get excellent value for money.


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