Growing up so fast and tough night..

ImageI had a great day with Isabella today, her cheeky little personality is really starting to shine through and makes me laugh all day long. She is gradually becoming more independent and definitely can’t be described as a baby but a toddler. James (my husband) is away working for two weeks in the south of France so things have been tough with pregnancy/hip pain and balancing the cleaning, washing and a toddler. On the plus side I am feeling more energetic as I have been listening to hypno-birthing music before bed and getting early nights rather than sitting up watching TV and talking to James.

How women cope with two under two I am yet to work out but I will soon find out only 10 weeks left until my due date 🙂

Tonight was tough, I made the decision to finally make the transition from bottle to beaker at bed time and she drank the same amount of milk happily but was wide-awake and not ready to sleep. With determination I kept getting her to lie down trying to show her I was calm and could do it all night although inside I was irritated! An hour later she was finally asleep and since falling asleep (i’m going to jinx this) she seems pretty settled and has not woken up since going to bed so fingers crossed it will just take a couple of nights for her to get used to the new routine. It always seems that you get settled in a routine and then its time to tackle something new and start again, hopefully second time round it will be easier knowing what works and doesn’t as there is so much conflicting advice.



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