Easter Fun & A Magic Lollipop Garden

20140415-220148.jpgEaster is nearly here so I thought I would share some cool crafts and recipes to do during the Easter break 🙂 I have become an expert over the last month at eating hot cross buns! I’m officially addicted and don’t think I can use the excuse it’s a pregnancy craving because I’m the same every year.

20140415-220251.jpgI feel it’s really important to encourage creativity and imagination from a young age so I am planning on planting some jelly beans in the garden with Isabella on Saturday night and then whilst she is asleep push in some lollipops into the ground in place of the jelly beans as if they have grown overnight. On Easter morning we can go out and the lollipops will be there.


Children love crafts and Isabella has been enjoying several Easter related activities my two favourite were:

Easter bonnet making:

20140415-213005.jpgYou can buy a really cute bonnet from Hobby Craft for the bargain price of £1.99 and they have loads of Easter related ribbons, stickers and stuff to add to your hat I went absolutely mad buying stuff and still cost me no more than £8.00.


Handprint Easter Lamb:

20140415-214110.jpgThis is the perfect Easter present for the grandparents as everyone loves something made from a child’s handprint.

It’s the perfect craft for smaller toddlers as doesn’t require a huge duration of attention and they all seem to love to get messy. To read the full instructions on how to recreate visit: http://craftsbyamanda.com/2011/03/handprint-easter-lamb.html


Chocolate Nests

20140415-214902.jpgThese are really simple to make and the perfect Easter treat, your kids will love eating them! Find the full recipe here


Cinnamon Eggy Bread

20140415-215422.jpgIsabella loves eggy bread for breakfast and this recipe provides something a little different and the prefect Easter treat. Find the full recipe here


Happy Easter hope you all have a wonderful time

Sophie x


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