Fussy Eater

Recently I have been concerned about Isabella going from eating anything to becoming fussy.. I had all the excuses under the sun, teething, illness etc but in reality she had probably just formed an opinion.


Tonight I find myself wanting to dance around the house with excitement as we had a BBQ and for dinner she ate lamb and rosemary sausages, celery, cucumber and potato wedges followed by a fruit salad… She loved it all so much she was practically begging for more 🙂


I have learnt a lot from my experiences; Isabella rejecting food, getting stressed, worried about the amount she is consuming and not wanting her to eat pasta and fish fingers day in day out. Some key things I will try to remember second time around for bump will be:

– don’t get stressed if she won’t eat or is throwing it on the floor, I believe they can pick up on this and it makes it worse

– if she rejects something that doesn’t mean she won’t eat it tomorrow try not to always just give her the fail safe favourites

– keep meal times fun and exciting

– try to keep food colourful and interesting

– Annabel Karmel has excellent recipes, meal planners and advice

– don’t compare your child to others they are all so different

I am so pleased with have finally turned a corner and Isabella seems to be enjoying a huge variety of food including curly kale!! This hasn’t come without stress, perseverance and trial and error.

If you’re looking for some exciting toddler recipes a few great sites are:

Annabel Karmel
Ella’s Kitchen
Wholesome Toddler Food

Keep calm and keep trying 🙂



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