Bargain Hunting

I have become obsessed with bargain hunting for children’s items and apart from for hygiene reasons such as mattresses and nappies I don’t understand the point in paying out for new when you can get so many nearly new items for a fraction of the price.

Today there was a little pickles market on at our local village hall and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Find out dates and locations here:
We came home with lots of new toys including a big bag of In the Night Garden figurines for £1 and a Ralph Lauren dress in excellent condition for £2.00.

I also always make a point of attending our local NCT nearly new sale which are usually larger than the little pickles markets and can get some amazing deals. We attended the Titchfield one a couple of weeks ago and I came home with loads of bargains including a mamas and papas baby swing chair for £8 🙂

Finally my bargain of the week was off of Ebay, a Pink Lining ‘twice as nice’ change bag used but as new for £21 and it is retailing for £85


Happy Bargain Hunting x


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