Sickness in a 1 year old…

stethoscope_jpg_524bb496e0It is starting to feel like our poor little Isabella just turned 13 months is going from one illness or virus to another…

Some say its time of year …. Some say its their age

Since November she has been to the doctors every week and been diagnosed with reoccurring ear infections which she has needed antibiotics for each time, impetigo on her cheek, urticaria, croup, strep and scarlatina. I am starting to wonder if this is normal? The doctors don’t seem worried and say it’s just her age but she is still poorly this time with what has been diagnosed as a rash as a result of having a virus and will go away with time.

It’s so horrid watching your little ones so poorly and not really knowing what is wrong. It is difficult from both sides as a doctor the child can’t talk, wont cooperate whilst having throat checked etc and certainly can’t explain symptoms, so they believe its trial and error. From a parents point of view you want the doctor to tell you what is wrong and help with a cure to make them better, which feels like we never really get to.

Fingers crossed its her age and time of year as she is starting to perk up to her old self again..? This does certainly seem to be the case looking at other parents posts that all seem to be in the same boat. I hoping for a little more than a couple of hours sleep a night now she is on the mend.

My next post will be more positive I promise 🙂


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