Meeting our daughter 4D style

I have been excited about today all week as we had our 4D scan at Babybond and I had a manicure and pregnancy massage booked at Eastern Art this evening whilst my husband spent some quality time with our daughter and put her to bed…

The day was exactly as expected perfect.. Our new little daughter looked like a perfect bundle of joy and her growth scan was as expected with all vital organs as they should be. That said she wasn’t in a photographic mood and had me bouncing on a ball to try to get her to change position.


The 4d scan was especially important to James who feels it is much more real having an indication of what she looks like, whereas I’m lucky enough to feel her every day. Pregnancy is so different second time round with a young toddler, you have no time for yoga, relaxing cd’s and are constantly lugging a heavy pram and toddler about. It was lovely for James and I to take an hour out of our day to dedicate the whole time to focus on our little ‘bump’.


To finish off a lovely day I headed to Eastern Art for my massage and manicure. I chose to have a tropics shellac manicure which I absolutely love and a 45 minute pregnancy massage was the ultimate in relaxation! So enjoyable that I have booked again for four weeks time and already can’t wait 🙂


Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Sophie x



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