Beaker Revolution…

As part of being a mum … You finally get used to your child’s routine and it’s time to start weaning, potty training or something else. Since Isabella turned one it has been in the back of my mind that I need to change her from a bottle to a beaker.

We have tried several beakers including:



Tommee Tippee:

Finally whist shopping in Ikea for new furniture for the nursery I saw this Borja Training beaker at £1.50, I added to the trolley and thought that it would go in the cupboard and add to the collection of unused beakers. The following morning I topped it up with Isabella’s milk and she loved it! No tears just a smiling face and an empty beaker 🙂

We have now managed to make the full transition from bottle to beaker and Isabella is also drinking more water from this beaker.

It just goes to show that it’s trial and error with toddlers and eventually you will find the right one to suit your child.. If your looking for a new beaker to trial I would definitely recommend Ikea’s Borja Training Beaker.


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