A Mothers Instinct


Hopefully there is someone out there reading this 🙂 I have decided to start-up ‘A Mothers Instinct’ a blog detailing the honest truth about being a mum with ‘soon to be’ two children under two. I will also review all the baby products I encounter along the way brutally testing them with our active lifestyle and current hectic toddler and soon to be newborn.

I believe there is definitely such thing as a mothers instinct and no matter what is thrown at you, you manage to cope you know with no text-book when your child is ill when they need a cuddle etc. BUT why when attending baby groups or talking to other mothers do you feel this constant pressure to sound like supermum, have your child sleeping through from three months of age and your toddler of corse never has a tantrum! Whilst reading my blog I aim to share the honest truth, the highs and lows of bringing up a child and trust me the highs outweigh those meltdown tear your hair out moments but I plan to detail it all.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading my future posts and watch my pregnancy progress through the final trimester in a stunning baby girl and our 13 month old daughter Isabella test me to my limits as she learns boundaries, that she doesn’t have the climbing capability of a monkey and has us in fits of laughter as she learns new things (dancing is the latest).



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